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Treetop Tykes Trail

An all-new ropes course experience for our youngest adventurers.

Biofact Exploration

Meet an Educator and learn about animals through biofacts. 

Wild Encounter: Lemur

Lemur Wild Encounters will run from March 31 - October 31, 2023.

Wild Encounter: Elephant

No creature looms larger over the savanna than the African elephant, and you’ll agree when you come face-to-trunk with one on our African elephant Wild Encounter!

Wild Encounter: Aldabra Tortoise

See and feed one of the world’s largest living tortoise species in the only Wild Encounter experience that allows guests to share the same space with the animals.

Patagonian Mara Keeper Talk

Meet one of world’s larger rodents and learn about the features that make them unique!

Gorilla Training Session

Watch a training session in action at the Willie B. Gorilla Conservation Center. Learn what training entails, why we do it, and see a demonstration of some of the behaviors we work on with the gorillas.

Zoo Seekers

Spark your curiosity and discover the surprising ways humans and animals are connected to the world around us in this all-new program for guests of all ages!

Endangered Species Carousel

The Endangered Species Carousel takes Zoo guests for a whimsical spin upon hand-carved wooden animal figures.

OOZ Grilled Cheese Truck

Our brand-new food truck, OOZ, features mouthwatering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and crispy tater tots.